POF-USA Warhawk by Medford Knife & Tool

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Patriot Ordnance Factory’s Warhawk by Medford Knife and Tool is made to the same quality as our rifles. The Warhawk is made from shock resistant S7 tool steel and nitride heat-treated for extreme use. The head features a wedge ground edge with a pointed beard for exceptional chopping, an impact spike opposite the blade for maximum penetration and a glass breaker on the top to get you out of even the most compromising situations. The proprietary G10 grips allow for a non-slip grip to keep this power in your hand. For added security, there is a paracord wrist strap. The POF-USA Warhawk comes with a colonial style leather sheath to protect you from its business ends when not in use. Get one in your hands and try NOT to chop something….we dare you.


Medford’s Lifetime Guarantee Applicable – Warhawk Tomahawk Ships With Certifcate

Limited Edition “Liberty or Death” Tomahawk.

Total length: 14.5″

Blade Length: 3″

Blade Thickness: .290″

Width: 8″

Steel type: CPM S7

Weight: 2lbs



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