The Revolution continues the POF tradition of Relentless Reliability and American innovation. The Revolution is POF-USA’s .308 battle rifle that handles like a 5.56 – because it’s the same size and weight as one. The Revolution features many 5.56 parts; such as charging handle, bolt carrier, roller cam pin, buffer, heat-sink barrel nut, handguard, and 5-position gas piston operating system. The barrel extension, bolt assembly, upper, and lower receiver are the exact same size as those on an AR15. This is truly an AR15 that shoots in .308!

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4 Responses to “2018 RIFLE OF THE YEAR: The Revolution”

January 21, 2018 at 11:38 am, Lonney Head said:

I love the new POF Revolution that I purchased from you last December through my FFL dealer. I have been struggling to figure out the best compact variable power optics to put on it for deer hunting out to 600 yards. After looking at all the reviews and options, I am still stumbling around. I purchased this for self protection as needed (with red dot) and would like to extend the range for a practical, compact hunting gun taking full advantage of the .308 cartridge. Would you please let me know what you think and what other customers may have found that work best? I sincerely, appreciate it.


February 11, 2018 at 5:33 pm, Steven said:

Yo, I am no expert but I would say look into something like the Vortex Strike Eagle, it is 1x-6x zoom, the reticule is allways there and can be lit up in I think it is 15 levels with 3 night vision capable so its a red dot / scope. I got one and I love it, I said bye bye to my red dot after using this thing.
It is quite affordable for as good as an optic as it is in my opinion.
The marks for ranges on the reticule are for a 5.56 but I am sure it won’t be a problem. They make one that is 1x-8x now too I see.
One thing to note is that when I got this sight it came with a ‘PEPR’ mount, and on my P415 upper this mount is too high because of the thicker receiver on this gun, and since the Revolution appears to have the same style receiver I would imagine you will need to get lower 30mm rings for it, I use the Burris Xtreme Tactical Medium hight 30mm rings. This thing an’t going anywhere if mounted properly.
Also before you say
“O ill just get a cheep Bushnell one of those” I compared the 2 and believe me… the Vortex is soo worth the extra$$. Hope my exp helps you.


February 04, 2018 at 12:52 pm, Frank J Grillo said:

Im very interested in 7.62 revoloution. Tombstone tact. Is my retailer of choice. Is it available with a 20in. Bbl.


February 10, 2018 at 11:25 pm, Sarcastic1 said:


I’m not sure what your budget range is. There are obviously a lot of scopes that will cost you almost as much as or more than, your rifle. If you’re looking for good, but budget conscious solutions, I might suggest the Vortex brand optics, and also would say to take a look at scopes like the Nikon M-308. Just an idea or starting place perhaps.


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