2019 ICA Winner


POF-USA Wins Rifle of the Year for the 3rd Year in a Row

(06/18/2019) Phoenix, Arizona – And the winner is… Patriot Ordnance Factory is proud to announce taking home the Rifle of the Year award from the 2019 Firearms Industry Choice Awards for their Revolution DI rifle. POF-USA was honored to attend and thanks everyone involved in the awards process, as well as congratulating the other winners.

The Revolution DI (Direct Impingement) shares features, advancements, and technology of the prior award winning Revolution PD (Piston Driven) with one distinct difference, its operation. The direct impingement operation allows for a smaller profile handguard, lighter weight, and 9 positions of adjustment thanks to the DIctator gas block.

POF-USA broke from the industry status quo by making an AR15 that shoots .308. It is important to note that the Revolution DI is not an AR10, or even a small frame AR10. The Revolution DI is the same size as an AR15. The Revolution DI is built on the unique and fully ambidextrous Gen 4 lower, produced with 100% American made raw materials and coatings, and state-of-the-art technology. Like another award winning POF-USA rifle, the Renegade+, the upper receiver is engineered around their unique heat sink barrel nut, 9-position adjustable DIctator gas block, a match-grade barrel, and Renegade M-LOK rail with 4 built in QD sling mount points.

POF-USA is proud to continue leading the MSR market with their feature-packed ultimate fighting machines.

POF-USA is an Arizona-based small arms manufacturer known for its revolutionary concepts and radical approaches to engineering used to develop the finest piston driven AR-type rifles used by civilians and professionals worldwide. They accept no compromise in the building of their product, known as “Patriot” designs. They will only produce that which is tough, accurate, modular, durable, and true. This patriotic mission is brought from passion, authenticity, trustworthiness, rebellion, independence and objectivity. 

For more information, call 623-561-9572.

3 Responses to “POF-USA Wins 2019 ICA Rifle of the Year”

September 16, 2019 at 9:24 pm, LAMONTE E. MOSES said:

Greetings Mr. Dessoma,
My name is LaMonte Moses . I was in the market to purchase a Colt AR-15 rifle. Upon my visit to my local gun store I was a bit reluctant in making an investment in the manufacture mentioned above in lieu of some trade rumours that would halt the manufacturing and sale for civilian use and constitutional possession.
Due to the recent events in this great nation involving the AR-15 platform and receiving negative publicity through various news outlets and over zealous politicians biding for a seat in the White House … spewing unconstitutional rhetoric posturing to violate my constitutional rights under the Second Amendment . I was inspired to find a true American manufacture that wasn’t going to pack up and close the door right when I needed them the most.
For the record Frank , I am a Marine Corps Veteran , Father of 8 girls , Grandfather of 6
2 girls and 4 boys . My family means everything to me Frank and I consider myself to be a Good Guy just like you and many others that believe in the constitution .

The gun store salesman asked me “How much was it for the life of my wife and 8 girls “? Honestly, I was set back for a moment and then the salesman handed me one of your creations . I instantly found the right gun to defend my family and home . This AR-15 came with a story to which the previous owner due to a nasty divorce and had to sell it for financial reasons.

Now , I have one of the finest guns made in this America. And I refuse to give this up to those who think confiscation is the solution
while they are guarded by armed bodyguards and are able to sleep at night while lunatics roam around not playing by the same rules as the law abiding citizens . Fine, but the second amendment wasn’t suggestion ,,, It was a directive !

On behalf of my entire family Sir ,, I am respectfully grateful to you and the workmanship put into this fine gun that will last long after I die , handing it down to the next generation for Life , liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
You are a true gentleman and a American Patriot Sir.

I look forward to engaging with you should you be an exhibitor at the gun show here in Ontario in October.

Respectively Submitted,
L. E Moses
Fontana, California


September 21, 2019 at 8:45 pm, Alaskan said:

Just bought my first POF Revolution PD two weeks ago. Put about 500 rounds down range, and my FFL now has my second POF Revolution in the burnt bronze cerakote, on the way to me next week. I love this rifle so much, I now have two.

I welcome some liberal to come walking down my 300yard driveway, attempting to seize my rights.


October 09, 2019 at 2:55 pm, michael greenup said:

I feel exactly the same as the two above comments. Our Constitutional rights are unalienable. That means the Government did not give them to us. The Government can not take them from us. Nor can they be voted away Nor can they be taken by Mob rule. I wanted to thank all the POF staff for all their wonderful hard work producing such a reliable weapon that we the people need. Our current situation is going beyond push to shove. I highly recommend your rifles and have steered many friends to purchasing your rifles. Everyone has been grateful and loves their POF Rifle. Thanks again.


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