NSSF Press Release

POF-USA would like take this opportunity to advise you of the upcoming announcement for the NSSF web page for Partner with a Payer® and the initial video feature.  We hope you’ll join us in doing so!  The first video to be released will include the Ben Avery Shooting Range, a facility tour of Patriot Ordnance Factory, and a tour of Ruger.


For more information please visit:   https://www.nssf.org/partner-with-payer/


Partner with a Payer is an initiative of the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration program involving state and industry partners. It was initiated with the goal of strengthening ties between the people who make this very successful conservation partnership work so well – manufacturers that pay excise taxes through the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Acts, and state agencies that conserve wildlife and habitat and the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration program of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Funded by the Wildlife Restoration Act (also known as the Pittman Robertson Act) excise taxes are collected from manufacturers in the hunting, shooting, and archery industries and funded by the Sport Fish Restoration Act (aka the Dingell-Johnson Act) marine manufacturers pay excise taxes on fishing gear and motorboat fuel. These industries and their connection with the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration program in partnership with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service have created not only strong industries but a very bright future for recreational hunting and shooting sports as well as sport fishing activities nationwide.

Many of you may be aware of all the great achievements that have been and continue to be accomplished with these excise tax dollars. Many more of you will likely be amazed as well as proud of the impact your contributions have made and continue to make to this highly effective effort.

Interested in attending or a hosting an event? Visit partnerwithapayer.org. 


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