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Minuteman 350 Legend Upper

March 25, 2022
Minuteman 350 Legend Upper: Available in both 16.5" and 10.5" barrel lengths. All 350 Legend uppers come standard with our […]
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Minuteman Upper

June 4, 2020
Minuteman Upper 16.5"  Barrel with 14.5" Rail & Mid-Length Lo Pro DI Gas Block or 10.5" Barrel with 9" Rail […]
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Renegade 6MM ARC Upper

September 22, 2022
18.5" Renegade Plus 6MM ARC Upper  
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Renegade Plus 300BLK Upper

June 4, 2020
10.5" Renegade Plus 300BLK Upper **** Short Barrel Uppers are not available for shipment to CA****
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Renegade Plus Upper

June 4, 2020
Renegade Plus Upper **** Short Barrel Uppers are not available for shipment to CA****
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Wonder Uppers

September 22, 2022
5.56 NATO Wonder upper receiver assemblies.
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Direct Impingement

When POF-USA decided to make direct impingement rifles, they couldn’t just be another “me-too” carbine. Our direct impingement uppers embody everything a direct impingement AR-15 type carbine can be. With improvements such as our roller cam pin and patented heat sink barrel nut, these upgrades go well above mere aesthetics often found in rifles today.

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