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P308 Charging Handle

June 4, 2020
P308 Charging Handle
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Strike Eagle Charging Handle

June 4, 2020
Introducing the Strike Eagle Charging Handle: The Strike Eagle charging handle features serrated wings to ensure a positive engagement while […]
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Tomahawk Ambidextrous Charging Handle

June 4, 2020
Tomahawk Ambidextrous Charging Handle Upgrade to the Tomahawk ambidextrous charging handle for quick and efficient charging handle manipulation from either […]
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Charging Handles

POF-USA Ambidextrous charging handles come in either the Strike Eagle or Tomahawk configurations. These charging handles are built for either AR-15 type upper receivers or AR-10 type upper receivers. Manufactured from 100% American Billet Aluminum and Flat Black Hard Anodize finished.

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