The .308 Revolution is an AR-15 that shoots .308. Here's why.

The following information will help you truly understand the differences between the design of the Revolution vs the AR10 platform.

The Colt 901 was the first attempt at reducing the size of the large action/frame of the AR10. DPMS mimicked the design and showed the GII two years later at Shot Show. Many other companies have copied this trend resulting in more “me too” products. They call this the “small frame” AR10. We will now refer to it as an “intermediate frame.”

The Revolution is an AR15 that is engineered to shoot the .308/7.62×51 cartridge. We started with the footprint of the M16 and added the overmatch force multiplying punch of the .308/7.62×51 battle rifle.

Firing pins (in order of left to right):

  • M16
  • .308 Revolution
  • “Intermediate Frame” .308
  • AR-10

The M16 is the shortest. The .308 Revolution & AR10 at the same length.

Revolution firing pin compared to other firing pins

Charging handles (in order of left to right):

  • AR10
  • “Intermediate Frame” AR10.
  • M16/Revolution (both use the same charging handle). It is the shortest charging handle.
Revolution charging handle compared to other charging handles

Bolt Carriers (in order of left to right):

  • AR10
  • “Intermediate Frame” AR10
  • .308 Revolution. Same size as the M16. This is the smallest bolt carrier used in these platforms.
  • M16

Bolts (in order of left to right):

  • AR10 – The longest, largest locking lugs and largest body diameter bolt
  • “Intermediate Frame” AR10 – Has the same length & body diameter as the AR10 bolt. Only the locking lugs are Intermediate in size.
  • .308 Revolution – Same size as the M16. The shortest length, smallest body diameter, and the smallest locking lug diameter. Only the geometry changes to allow the .308 battle rifle cartridge to shoot in the Small action Frame of the Revolution.
  • M16
Revolution bolt assemblies compared to other bolt assemblies
Revolution bolt assemblies compared to other bolt assemblies

Cam Pins (in order of left to right):

  • AR10 – The longest in length and largest body diameter for the Large action Frame. The head diameters are the same diameter as all frame/action sizes.
  • “Intermediate Frame” AR10 – Intermediate in length and body diameter. The head of the cam pin diameter is the same as the others.
  • .308 Revolution – The shortest length and smallest body diameter of all and built for the small action/frame. The head diameters are all the diameter of the M16/7.62 Revolution.
  • M16
Revolution roller cam pin compared to other cam pins
Revolution roller cam pin compared to other cam pins

Barrel Extension (in order of left to right):

  • AR10 – Largest in diameter but shorter in length when compared to the “Intermediate Frame” AR10.
  • “Intermediate Frame” AR10 – Barrel extension is the longest in length but the diameter is a 1/16″ larger than the M16 barrel extension.
  • .308 Revolution – Same length and diameter as the M16 barrel extension. Only the feed ramps are changed to handle the large .308/7.62×51 cartridge. Built to fit in our Small action/Frame.
  • M16 – Smallest length and diameter barrel extension built for the small action/frame to shoot the .223 / 5.56×45 ammo.

Upper Receiver (in order of left to right):

The Upper Receivers length shown in the picture shows the differences in length.

  • AR10 – The longest in overall length but has a shorter thread length of the barrel nut compared to the .308 Revolution.
  • “Intermediate Frame” AR10 – About a 1/2″ shorter in overall receiver length to the AR10 but has the longest thread length of barrel nut of all upper receivers.
  • .308 Revolution – The same size as the M16 length, size, carrier diameter, and pin hole to pin hole. It is 1-1/2″ shorter in length than the AR10 and 1″ shorter than the “Intermediate Frame” AR10. The Revolution small action/frame is built to shoot 308/7.62×51
  • M16 – Small action/frame built to shoot the .223/5.56×45 ammo.

As you can see, the proof is in the pictures. We’ve attempted and succeeded at bringing true innovation to this platform. The .308 Revolution uses many of the same interchangeable parts, or redesigned parts that are similar in size to those belonging in an AR15. This results in the footprint and overall length of the Revolution to be the same size and weight as your AR15. This is truly an AR15 designed to shoot the .308 cartridge!


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