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Product Description

The Renegade is POF-USA’s slimmest and lightest handguard to date. The Renegade handguard was designed specifically for our excellent Renegade rifle, but the team at POF-USA wanted anyone with a mil-spec flat top AR15 to be able to enjoy its benefits!

Made in the USA from precision machined 6061-T6 aluminum, the Renegade handguard is our sleekest and slimmest handguard design to date. The kit also includes POF-USA’s famous heat sink barrel nut, made from aluminum for light weight and rapid heat dissipation, as well as 2 precision machined quick disconnect/detach recoil lugs. When properly installed, the recoil lugs engage the forward surface of the barrel nut groove to eliminate any possibility of forward handguard translation that might otherwise be caused by heavy use. We topped off the design with our styling introduced with our HSR MRR handguards and with M-LOK slots at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions. Buy one today to enjoy the benefits!

This 9 position adjustable DI gas block provides the ultimate range of adjustability and versatility. The addition of a suppressor typically increases the level of back pressure within the rifle system. This increase will prematurely wear parts and increase the amount of gas/carbon introduced into the chamber. With the DIctator, you can now control that rate of fire, gas flow and ultimately the reliability of your system.

Adjusting the gas system is easy, the front of the gas block has a dial that accepts a flat screwdriver, 3/32” hex wrench and dictation tool included in the Dictator gas block kit.

The DIctator features a straight gas tube, but why? The advantage of a straight gas tube is that we eliminate the heat buildup that exists at the bent portion of a standard gas tube. This feature is extremely important for select-fire and/or suppressed rifles which are subject to very high heat levels. By reducing the built up heat, you now have a more reliable, longer lasting gas system.

Each Dictator gas block kit comes complete with the applicable length gas tube.  This gas block is setup for barrels manufactured for a .750 gas block.

NOTE: The heat sink barrel nut only works with a barrel base less than 1” in diameter.


Rated 5 out of 5


Got this for a build I put together for a friend. Its wider than a “slim” rail so there is plenty of room for screws sticking in from M-lok attachments, and my hand doesn’t get real hot. “problems I have experienced with other slim rails” Still its not so wide that you can’t get a good grip, it is quite comfortable. (unlike round hand guards that I dislike greatly) To describe it, it is like an oval with a square bumped up on top (to make room for the gas block basically) and vary slim square like areas bumped out on the sides, which makes the flat area for the M-lok slots and allows a vary good grip for your hand. The gas block is nice, easy to adjust, if it ever needs adjusting we have that option. A note to all those considering getting this, to install the barrel nut you MUST HAVE a proper Armorers Wrench to install!!! I tried a $15 one with 5 pegs… at about 50 pounds right before the gas tube lined up, the fins on the nut gave way and… lets just say I managed to bend the wrecked fins back, (what was left of the ends) and when I got a correct wrench was still able to finish installing. The nut recommends the MagPul wrench… which I got. I found out later that any cheaper one that has a moon shape or full circle with like bumps all along it that contact every fin (like the Magpul one does) will work.
My friend likes it vary much, and has had no problems. That makes us both happy, I will keep buying from POF when I need parts I can trust.

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