Dictator Adjustable Gas Block


All suppressors increase back pressure. As a result, your firearm will suffer premature wear of parts and see excess amounts of gas/carbon introduced into the action. This is due to a dramatic increase in carrier speed while shooting with a suppressor. With the addition of the Dictator adjustable gas block, you can now control the rate of fire, gas pressure, and the reliability of your rifle. Choose one of 9 gas positions to dictate the gas pressure and cyclic rate.

Adjusting the gas system is quick and painless. Choose one of three methods to dial the gas regulator: a flat screwdriver, 3/32” hex wrench , or the dictator wrench.

The Dictator adjustable gas block features a straight gas tube, but why? The advantage of a straight gas tube is that we eliminate the heat buildup that exists at the bent portion of a standard gas tube. This feature is extremely important for select-fire and/or suppressed rifles which are subject to very high heat levels. By reducing the built up heat, you now have a more reliable and longer lasting gas system.

The Dictator provides the ultimate range of adjustability and versatility. 

Available gas lengths include: pistol, carbine, mid-length, and rifle. All Dictator gas blocks are setup for barrels manufactured with a .750 gas block journal.

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