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4.5lb Trigger Pull

Product Description

This single-stage, non-adjustable, drop-in trigger boasts a solid 4.5-pound pull weight and is pre-assembled in Hard coat Anodized aluminum housing (complete with rubber urethane feet) for immediate competition, hunting, and tactical applications right out of the box. Carved from American A2 steel, the Trigger, Disconnect, and Hammer are all Nitride Heat-Treated to 70 Rockwell case hardness for ultimate strength and corrosion resistance.

Includes custom-fit stainless steel KNS Precision™ Anti-walk Pins for both standard AR and POF-USA ambidextrous lower receivers.

**Will not work with DPMS 308 lowers that have straight trigger guards or with Sig 716 lowers**


Rated 5 out of 5


I dropped this trigger into my Renegade. I have been using another manufacture in several of my ARs but the last one I purchased is very inconstant and had some wiggle. This trigger has a longer reset and higher pull weight but so far has been extremely consistent. I really like the silcon plugs on the bottom. They set the trigger just proud to the pin holes in the receiver, had to push down on the trigger a little to install the pins but no wiggle. I was scratching my head as to why on the anti walk pins but now I like and understand the design. After 6 months of use and lots of rounds down range they are still good to go. In fact when I installed the trigger, I did not tighten the pins, finger tight, at the range I noticed this and was awe crap, going to be wasted time but I put 300 rounds down range the trigger was consistent and stayed in place, anti walk pins stayed in place being finger tight. While there may be better triggers on the market I am sold with this POF in my Renegade and would not hesitate to purchase another, most likely the POF trigger will replace the bad trigger I have in another AR. I cant afford to replace them all.

Rated 5 out of 5

Tom Reay

This trigger is great, Got one in my S&W M&P15 atleast 1000 rounds in & everything is good.. The first Best upgrade you can ever get! Also look around at company’s online can find them for under $199..

Only problem i had with this was when i tried to install the Magpul ambi selector safety the one side of the ambi switch on the inside had to be ground down a 1/16″ flat to pass by the trigger Could just be my AR or S&W its very tight gun.. But if u install an ambi safety & it will Not go in, That is your problem Have to grind the right bottom side down a little bit Witch does not effect nothing what so ever.. (thats the right bottom side when the gun is in your shoulder ready to fire)

Rated 5 out of 5

George Allen

I purchased the 4.5 lb drop in and could not be happier!! It works fantastic and outperforms the Rise Armament single stage I had–notice–had. If I ever need another trigger system you can bet it will be a P O F!!

Rated 5 out of 5

Charles Smith

I have three of these two in my AR15’s and one in my Armilite AR10!!

Great triggers for sure, I also recommend POF’s AR15 with the PISTON

I’m saving my money to buy a the NEW 308 version, it will be another six months
before that can happen$$

Great stuff!!!

Rated 5 out of 5

John Wilson

I’ve installed this trigger in all four of my AR-15’s and could not be happier with the results. I also installed your ambidextrous safeties at the same time. Everything just dropped in with no issues, and I love the consistency of the trigger feel in all the rifles now. You can be sure that your triggers will go in any AR’s I purchase in the future.

Rated 4 out of 5

trooper Cobn

I have always stoned and tuned whatever trigger group came in the AR or parts kit – I decided to use the POF standard curve trigger set in my wife’s Noveske G1 lower build. I decked her rifle out with all the other upgrades and premium components, so this was among the parts I purchased in her rifle’s bill of materials. I’m very happy with the brake and reset. There is almost no creep, but enough to affirmatively tension the pull for a crisp and predictable shot. I was impressed enough that I picked up a second trigger for my 8.5″ 300BO PDW. I decided to keep the triggers in my other AR’s because they work well as-is. That being the case, I will most likely standardize on POF drop-in triggers as an enhanced option, and stick with tuned USGI/MilSpec trigger groups for any recreational builds. In summary I would say this is the perfect balance between DYI trigger tuning and delecate, expensive match triggers. I like the non-adjustable reliability factor – that is a plus in a duty/defense rifle. Buy one, it has a place in the inventory.

Rated 3 out of 5


Bought this new drop in trigger for the first time. A little upset with the price you pay that they can’t afford to include the two small Allen wrenches needed to install the anti walk pins.

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