Glock® P17 Stripped Slide

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P17, Includes Cover Plate and Mounting Hardware


Product Description

Gentleman’s Series

There’s no doubt Glock® pistols are one of the most durable handguns around, but aesthetically they leave much to be desired. A gentleman of times gone by appreciates a reliable tool. He also favors a touch of class and uniqueness to his tools. The G-Series slides turn your Glock into a pistol suitable for any gentleman with a flare of patriotism and independence.

• Nitride Heat Treated for incredible corrosion resistance and maximum surface durability.

• Machined from High Strength, Heat Treated, 17-4 Stainless Steel

• Slide cut compatible with the Trijicon® RMR red dot sight.

• Includes Black Hard Anodized Aluminum RMR cover plate and mounting hardware.

• Comes pre-installed with firing pin channel liner

Will not work with 17C


Rated 5 out of 5


I have a couple Glocks that over the last 12-18mo I wanted to give a little facelift to. As stated, Glocks are extremely well made, reliable firearms but, yes maybe a little “boring.” Function always comes first but, appealing to the eye is a close second to me. At the time I wasn’t very familiar with any of the custom milling companies and on top of that just had a hard time spending (in some cases) over $800 to send in MY slide and be without it for 6mo. I was also looking for something to run an RMR on, and was hoping to be able to have one dedicated slide for it. Then I see the POF Glock G-Series slides. Ready to ship for half the price, made by a repetuable company known for reliability and durability. And to top it off, a pretty darn good looking slide in my book. Found one for a good price (not as good as this sale price!), used it with just standard Trijicon HD sights at first. 500rds later with zero hiccups I mounted my RMR Type 2 6.5MOA adjustable RDS, got that zeroed in and now have a beautiful slide with a dedicated RMR…easy enough to swap out slides as I need.

I now have 3 different slides for that one frame I started with. One stock, on custom millled that does have an RMR cut but, to this day, I still run my RMR topped POF G-Series slide pretty regularly. It’s fun to shoot, reliable as my stock slide, definitely grabs EVERYONE’s attention. Finish looks great, all milling is very nicely done (and a little different look than most, even custom milling options). I like the aggressiveness of the serrations, top of slide “cartridge shaped” window is a cool little cut out design. All in all, I was and still am very pleased with my purchase. I’ve heard a lot of negative comments about the look, to that I say to each their own. Personally, I like different stuff and this isn’t something you’ll see many of on the line. Looks, functions, and finish appears to be as good if not better than some of those “send us your slide and $800+, and we’ll send it back in 6mo so it looks like everyone else’s we’ve done.” To me, order a slide for under $400 that’s already milled makes more sense. And that’s coming from someone who did go the “send in my slide and $600-900 and in X months…” route. I still think the POF G Series slide is right up there.

It’s POF. You get what we’ve all come to expect from a POF anything! If you have any interest in “prettying up” your Glock(s), especially any slide work but, don’t want to be without a gun/slide for months and don’t want the $800+ price tag , I’d recommend starting here.

Rated 5 out of 5

David Rizzardi

I got my new POF slide for one of my Gen 3 Glock 17’s. I was very happy to see that POF puts the same quality in these slides as they do their rifles. After installing all the interior parts and a new barrel ( I had in my parts bin) into the slide, I was extremely happy with the perfect fit onto the lower. The barrel lock up is tighter than the original and the operation (movement) of the slide, is as smooth as I could ever ask for. TruGlo sights installed easily and the fit again was perfect. This is the quality I was expecting and I got exactly what I was hoping for.
The looks? What can I say other than WOW.
THANK YOU POF. Your excellence can’t be beat.

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