P415 Edge Upper


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The P415 was designed over 15 years ago to be unstoppable in all environments. It is a product of constant development and design improvement. It's reliability has been tested time after time, and the operating system has been perfected. With the development of our E2 Extraction Technology, complete ambidextrous fire controls, free floating rail platform, and numerous other improvements the P415 Edge is the pinnacle of all Modern sporting rifles. To reduce weight and increase shooter comfort, our P415 edge upper features the an all new handguard, reducing the size by nearly 20%. As a result, we have made the width a mere 1.75 inches. Not only did we drop the weight of the platform, we also provided better ergonomics for the shooter.

Chambered in 5.56 NATO, all P415 Edge uppers are available in Black, Tungsten, and Burnt Bronze finishes.

Available barrel lengths are 10.5" and 16.5"

**** Short Barrel Uppers are not available for shipment to CA****

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