Renegade Plus 300BLK Upper


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Renegade Plus 300Blk Upper: When we decided to make a direct impingement rifle, it couldn’t be another “me-too” carbine. The Renegade Plus Upper embodies everything a direct impingement AR-15 can be. With improvements such as our roller cam pin and patented heat sink barrel nut, these upgrades go well above mere aesthetics often found in rifles today. Put simply, the Renegade + addresses all of the weak points of the direct impingement system. The Dictator 9-position adjustable gas block gives you ultimate control of your rifle, whether tuning for ammo load or suppressor use. The straight gas tube eliminates heat buildup from the weak points of standard gas tubes. And the roller cam pin ensures a smooth and more reliable relationship with the upper receiver.

Renegade Plus 300BLK Upper available only in 10.5" barrel lengths.

The Renegade + uppers are available in 3 different colors: Black, Burnt Bronze, and Tungsten.


**** Short Barrel Uppers are not available for shipment to CA****


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