Roller Cam Pin


Roller Cam Pin

Our patented Roller Cam Pin is another example of how far we will go to reduce friction and drag. Standard AR cam pins feature a square head that grinds along the inside of the aluminum receiver. The nickel-plated roller, on POF-USA's cam pin, smoothly rolls along the receiver without gouging the receiver. As a result, you will never worry about cam slot wear again.

Roller Cam Pin Options:

The AR-15 version is made for use with Piston AR-15 bolt carrier groups. If you wish to upgrade a Mil-spec direct impingement AR-15 bolt carrier, you will need the Gas Key Upgrade Kit.

The AR-10 version is made for use with most AR-10/SR-25 type bolt carrier groups including the P-308 bolt carrier group.

Note: The AR-15 version fits with all Gas Piston AR-15 bolt carriers, all REVOLUTION bolt carriers, and all ROGUE bolt carriers.


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