308 3G Muzzle Brake


Introducing the all new 308 3G Muzzle Brake, sold exclusively on our new Revolution .308 rifle. To take control of our AR15 sized .308, we had to engineer a new, more effective, muzzle brake. The outcome was an aggressive oversized muzzle brake that harnesses the energy from the muzzle blast and directs the muzzle down and forward. This combination drastically reduces muzzle rise and felt recoil. The 308 3G Muzzle Brake still complies with 3 Gun Nation Practical Rifle rules of “not larger than one (1”) inch in diameter and three (3”) inches in length, measured from the barrel muzzle to the end of the compensator.” This will work for .308/7.62×51.

Thread: 5/8-24

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