Low Profile (Stubby) front and rear Integrated Sighting System™ set for POF-USA and other high-rail systems.

Our platform’s Modular Railed Receiver introduces a backbone that is five times thinker than standard flat-top AR receivers. Add Picatinny rail to top of that and you have a natural sight rise much higher than what normal sights and scopes are made to. The trade off? Stress points are taken away from the receiver and bolt lockup, and your POF-USA rifle is more rigid for unmatched performance, accuracy, and reliability. Give yourself the advantage of proper site adjustment play with the world’s best aluminum flip-ups specifically made and marketed for POF-USA rifles.

“Diamondhead® DIAMOND Front and Rear Low Profile (Stubby) Combat Sights incorporate the unique, (Pat. & Pat. Pend.) Diamond-Shaped Apertures and housings.  When paired together, the DIAMOND Rear Sight and complementary DIAMOND Front Sight work together to create a fully integrated sighting system that allows the eye to place the front post perfectly in the center of the rear aperture.”

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