Our latest generation of Modular Railed Receivers™ (M.R.R.™) does away with the consequent choice between our previous fully-railed “Tactical” design or the minimal, large-scope-friendly “Hunter/Sniper” model and, instead, introduces interchangeable aluminum Picatinny sections. This allows you to attach all your essential rifle accessories along the top, bottom, and sides with an appropriate rail count while keeping your unused areas smooth and lightweight.

Rail sections can be placed on either the top, left, right, or bottom flat areas of the handguard. Simply line up the rail section screw holes with an equal amount of threaded holes on the handguard and attach. For a continuous Picatinny surface, rail sections can be placed together using the appropriate opposing ends. For example, a 12-slot section and a 5-slot section can be fitted together to fill the gap.


Only compatible with 2013 POF-USA “M-Rail” generation Modular Railed Receiver handguards with TOP, BOTTOM, and SIDE THREADED HOLES.  If you are unsure whether or not your handguard is compatible, please contact POF-USA at 623-561-9572.


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