Roller Cam Pin (.223/5.56)

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NP3 coated Roller Cam Pin for piston-operated rifles. Fits with any gas piston 5.56-type carrier.

Our patented Roller Cam Pin is just one more example of how far we will go to reduce friction and drag. Standard AR cam pins feature a square (steel) head that grinds along the inside of the aluminum receiver.

This Product is for Piston Rifles only, please find our upgrade kit to add this feature to your DI!


  1. (verified owner):

    I honestly don’t know why more people haven’t moved to a roller cam pin.
    This thing is fantastic. It really smooths out the action, saves wear and tear on your upper receiver, and will increase your rate of fire (in full-auto).
    Some may say “…it is another point of failure”, but I would point out that the MG-42/MG-3 used roller cams with a high degree of success.
    For $25, it is THE BEST upgrade you can do to your AR rifle or pistol.

  2. :

    I added this cam to my piston upper project after noticing wear on upper. I am satisfied that it cured the wear problem.

  3. :

    I didn’t realize this was for a piston rifle only, not gas impingement BCG. So after looking at the Roller Cam upgrade kit pictures, I took out my Dremel and with a few light touches, it slides into place perfectly. With a few drops of leftover Duracoat and my daughters paintbrush I sealed the grinded spot. It fires just as well as it did before. I don’t see any new wear marks, that’s the point right?

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