In this video, we run a Patriot Ordnance Factory P416 until it fails, or doesn't. The P416 is a factory machine gun for military and LE use, however, POF-USA offers the P415 which is a standard semi-automatic rifle built to the exact same specifications as what is shown here. Let's just say you are going to want to stick around and see the results, we set the bar pretty high with this one for future meltdowns. Video by Iraqveteran8888

Our new P308-FA demonstrating excellent control-ability and perfect feeding even when fired at odd angles. I'd say it's ready. How about you?

Animated and Edited by

by Dan Senatore

We pat ourselves on the back. This was a pretty epic way to introduce the revolutionary P308-FA select fire rifle.

Animated by

by Dan Senatore

Overstocked on 7.62/.308 rounds? Give Cody DeSomma a P308-FA and about thirty seconds.  He'll take care of that problem real quick.
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