"How’d it go? All in all, POF-USA’s new bullet dispenser performed as it should. It was reliable, fun and — unanimously, I must add — the most surgical 7.62x39 semi auto any of us had fired, especially with quality ammo..." -  D. FAUBION

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"I sit on the edge of my seat when I talk to Frank DeSomma because you never know what he will come up with next. His engineers are mad scientists constantly striving to increase performance. As Frank says, “To exist, we have to create and innovate.” Well, he has done that. Frank and the staff at POF-USA are patriots; they fight to build the best products possible and strive to support our Second Amendment rights along the way. Next time you get a chance, jump on the range with a POF-USA and the E2 technology. The rifle will not disappoint." - SGM KYLE LAMB (RET.)

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Enhanced entry level rifle from POF-USA, the Puritan.

MOA Accuracy in a 7.62x39 package

MOA or better in a 7.62x39 rifle

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