The PSG 22 is a short barreled blow back operated 22 LR pistol. It is chambered for and designed to properly function with the .22 caliber Long Rifle rimfire cartridge. We only recommend the use of high velocity or hyper-velocity ammunition, manufactured to U.S. industry standards, in the PSG 22 for optimal function.

Due to its blow-back operation, a fast cycle of the action is required to achieve proper ejection, extraction and hammer reset. When we say "fast cycle" we are talking about the amount of burnt powder a fired case ignites to cycle back the bolt carrier. The PSG 22 needs as much gas pressure as possible to eject, extract, reset the hammer, and feed a new round, much like other 22 LR pistol. 

Low pressure, lower powered, or low quality ammunition is often inconsistent and anything below High velocity will struggle to cycle properly when not fired suppressed.

POF recommends a break-in of around 500 rounds of high velocity such as those listed on the recommended ammunition list. 

standard velocity / match ammo

If access to high velocity is not available, the use of standard velocity should suffice, but please avoid most match loads as they are very underpowered.
In many cases some subsonic ammunition has more pressure than some match loads. It is the nature of a match 22lr round to be sub-sonic as the bullet will stabilize better.

Post Break in / experimentation

After the break-in period is complete the gun should run most all types of ammo. As is the case with most all 22lr firearms they are all independently picky.

Some experimenting will be necessary to find the best combo for YOUR gun.

YOUR gun will likely vary from any other that you pick up off the shelf. Even box to box, 22lr ammunition varies greatly.

subsonics and suppressors

The PSG 22 will also have issues cycling subsonic ammunition with the use of a suppressor. There is No guarantee that it will function properly WITHOUT a suppressor.

It takes time for some springs in this weapon to set and have a long life. This is not a .223 or a .308 where the bolt moves rapidly to take care of this in a few shots. It takes extra time with a 22lr.

  • Any kind with flat nose
  • Gold Medal
  • Clean
  • Quiet 22

*** Please note all the above information is not set in stone you may experience different results with your firearm. This list has been put together with the best of our ability with the ammo we have been able to test. As we are able to test more ammunition, we will update this list accordingly. ***
***POF-USA tests with Remington thunderbolts in a factory 10rd rotary mag before leaving the factory.***

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