The Renegade is how POF-USA does basicThe features in the Renegade go far beyond the low entry barrier that many manufacturers obtain but don’t care to surpassThis barrier of entry is known as MIL-SPECAs you’ll see, it is anything but basicIn fact, the only parts that can be considered basic are the forged lower receiver and flat-top upper receiver.

The heat sink barrel nut dissipates heat quicker than any system on the marketThe Dictator 9-position adjustable gas block, with straight gas tube, let’s you tune this rifle to be as smooth and flat shooting as possible, no matter the ammo load outAt this price, and even well beyond it, you simply will not find features like this on any other rifle.

The 14.5” Renegade rail with M-LOK compatibility and 4 integrated QD slots provides maximum comfort, hand placement, and accessory mounting options. Topped off with a 16.5” nitride heat treated barrel, you have a 1 MOA guaranteed rifle suited for any patriot.


5.56 NATO 16.5" (1:8) 14.5" M-RAIL 6.3lbs 34" BLACK 00857 $1499.99
5.56 NATO 16.5" (1:8) 14.5" M-RAIL 6.3lbs 34" BURNT BRONZE 00911 $1599.99
image deckription 5.56 NATO 16.5" (1:8) 14.5" M-RAIL 6.5lbs 38" BLACK 01157 $1499.99
image description= CA compliant / Featureless rifle
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2 weeks ago

I bought mine in May 2017, it is my first AR. Really amazed how well it runs and how clean it stays. Recently I had a chance to go shoot with our local SWAT and they had quite a few compliments.


Light and smooth operation

5 months ago

Purchased in Feb 2018 and my first POF. I wanted POF-USA for some time. During my purchase time I found a smoking deal on a Renegade so I dropped the nuggets and I am very pleased I did. It has become my favorite AR even though I still lean at times with my 14.5 ARs. Got it home, stripped it down and cleaned then lubed with a film of Superlube. I have hundreds of rounds down range, mostly LC m193 with a few m855 using Lancer magazines. I dropped in a POF trigger, installed ACOG TA11H. Ran close in drills to rounds down range on steel at 300 in temperatures from freezing to 90f degrees. Flawless as expected. Feels lighter and snappier than other 16″ barreled carbines. Two things I do not like; the fact that a 14″ barrel is not available (POF has yet to respond to my request on the subject) and the built in picatinny rail on the forearm, its an opinion on what I prefer, has nothing to do with performance. At first I was on the fence with the NP3 coating but it has grown on me, something different than standard black. Accuracy was more than expected and shot every group inside the groups of my other carbines with m193. Someday I will try quality ammo but so far the most accurate AR carbine have by far. I did not buy it for extreme accuracy but I am still amazed with the accuracy hovering 1″ with xm193. I expect it will go under moa with ease. Even with heat in the barrel the accuracy was consistent. The heat sink barrel nut is superb! I was surprised at how quick the barrel cooled and how cool it was after running a drill with 2 full 30 rounds mags in 90f. The fit of the upper onto the lower has no slop, superb tight. The roller pin shows very little signs of used compared to the standard pins in use on other ARs. The QD holes on the forearm snap in Vltor QDs snug. I have yet to adjust the gas system as my Renegade is flawless as is. I put over 300 rounds down range before cleaning and lubing since the first clean and lube when it was new. Not that this is much use for an AR just stating the fact but the BCG cleaned up quickly. To keep all my ARs consistent, I installed Vltor Imod and the extension tube is a tight fit, no slop period. My other ARs are snug but not like my Renegade. I am happy that POF-USA went with M-lok system. I am sold on my Renegade and to me well worth the money spent.


Proprietary Technology & Features


POF-USA’s patented E2 dual-extraction technology consists of four small channels cut into the walls of the chamber allowing a small amount of gas pressure to push against the neck of the spent case. This pressure assists in extraction by breaking the seal between the chamber and case as well as pushing the spent case to the rear as the extractor is pulling to the rear. This removes a tremendous amount of work that would otherwise be left up to the extractor.

DIctator Adjustable Gas Block

The DIctator Adjustable Gas Block lets you tune your rifle to the exact operating speed it should be. When your rifle runs too slow, or too fast, it’s more prone to failures. With the DIctator’s 9 adjustable settings and included straight gas tube, you and your rifle are set for just about any situation. So go ahead and suppress it, run different ammo, or don’t. Experience a smoother shooting rifle than ever before. To adjust, use a flat head screwdriver or the included tool.


Every shooter knows that the beating heart of their rifle is their barrel.  Our match-grade chrome-moly barrels are 5R button rifled with polygonal rifling for extreme accuracy and an incredible boost to bullet velocity compared to mil-spec AR barrels.  We then finish our barrels with a Nitride Heat Treatment to Rockwell 70 hardness for unsurpassed strength, heat and corrosion resilience, and an average lifespan well into the tens of thousands of rounds.  There is no better barrel on the market.

Oversized Heat Sink Barrel Nut

The patented oversized heat sink barrel nut is one of the most significant innovations. At three inches long it completely encompasses the chamber and throat area of the barrel where expanding gas temperatures peak. Take into account the radiation properties of aluminum compared to traditional steel and you have 17 times more heat dissipation than a standard AR. Our barrel nut’s 3” length also gives the operating rod substantial guiding surface assuring constant positive contact with the bolt carrier. Our enhanced backbone receiver also move the upper’s natural stress point forward. This adds a massive amount of rigidity to the overall platform and is critical when vertical fore grips are being pulled on the upper assembly.


Our Mil-Spec + Bolt Carrier Group is great alternative for those shooters who want something more than a standard Mil-Spec carrier. The carrier and bolt are nitride heat treated with a hard chrome firing pin.  With the addition of the Roller cam pin and improved gas key this BCG moves the standard from Milspec to Milspec+.

Renegade Forend

Complete modularity of the Renegade and Renegade Plus is achieved by the 14” Renegade Forend. Sleek and rugged mounting system, lightweight, and QD mounts in all the right places – 2 per side. Add to that M-LOK® compatibility on 3 sides and a cut out to easily adjust the DIctator Adjustable Gas Block and your new Renegade rifle is ready to defend, compete, or hunt.

Anti-Tilt Buffer Tube

Our mil-spec aluminum anti-tilt buffer tube features “carrier cradle” extensions to ensure that the carrier is always supported by the buffer tube even when the bolt carrier is fully forward. This prevents carrier tilt and premature wear of the buffer tube. The buffer detent now doubles as a lock that inhibits the buffer tube from rotating and becoming loose under adverse conditions. The anti-tilt buffer tube also features three drain holes.