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Gas Piston
.308 WIN
THE Revolution PD SBR IS OUR .308 RIFLE THAT HANDLES LIKE A 5.56 – BECAUSE IT’S THE SAME SIZE AND WEIGHT AS ONE. This isn’t a stripped down rifle that’s saving weight by making extra cuts or lacking the battle rifle features you’re accustomed to. We’ve worked Patriot magic into the Revolution PD SBR by using a 5.56 bolt carrier and other 5.56 parts allowing for a shorter overall receiver size and reduced weight. This also isn’t a normal small frame .308, it’s smaller! It features many 5.56 parts; such as charging handle, bolt carrier, cam pin, buffer, heat sink barrel nut, handguard, and 5-position gas piston operating system. The barrel extension, bolt assembly, upper, and lower receiver are the exact same size as those on an AR15. Weighing in at 7.3 lbs. the Revolution features our new Edge Handguard with four built-in QD mounts, and is packed with all you’ve come to expect from POF-USA. Fully ambidextrous billet receiver set, nickel plated carrier, 5-position adjustable gas piston, single stage match grade trigger, and more. With our triple port muzzle brake recoil management is not an issue. YOU MAY HAVE JUST FOUND YOUR “ONE GUN.”

available variants

01394 (12.5" SBR)
Burnt Bronze
01810 (12.5" SBR)
= CA Compliant / Featureless Rifle
= CO Compliant / Featureless Rifle


Proprietary technology & features

This single-stage, non-adjustable, drop-in trigger boasts a solid 4.5-pound pull weight and is pre-assembled in Hardcoat Anodized aluminum housing (complete with rubber urethane feet) for immediate competition, hunting, and tactical applications right out of the box. Carved from American A2 steel, the Trigger, Disconnect, and Hammer are all Nitride Heat-Treated to 70 Rockwell case hardness for ultimate strength and corrosion resistance. Features custom-fit stainless steel KNS Precision™ Anti-walk Pins.
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  1. Ambidextrous Bolt Release with Enhanced Bolt Catch
  2. Ambidextrous Safety Selector
  3. Receiver Tension Screws
  4. Oversized Mag Well Flare
  5. Ambidextrous Recessed Finger Rest
  6. Ambidextrous Magazine Release
  7. Oversized Integrated Trigger Guard w/ Grip Relief
  8. Ambidextrous Bolt Hold Open
  9. Available QD Rear Sling Mount
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POF-USA’s patented E2 dual-extraction technology consists of four small channels cut into the walls of the chamber allowing a small amount of gas pressure to push against the neck of the spent case. This pressure assists in extraction by breaking the seal between the chamber and case as well as pushing the spent case to the rear as the extractor is pulling to the rear. This removes a tremendous amount of work that would otherwise be left up to the extractor.
Proper gas regulation and lubricated mechanics are nothing without the precision and durability of a quality barrel. Our chrome alloy barrels are machined for absolute accuracy. Not only are they fluted for optimum heat dissipation but our barrels are nitride heat-treated for full corrosion resistance.
Designed to precisely compliment the POF-USA platform our nitride heat-treated muzzle brake controls gas dispersion and reduces muzzle rise. It is effective in allowing the shooter to have faster follow up shots and has unbelievably soft felt recoil. It features blunt strike prongs and includes our nitride heat-treated collar jam nut.
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The POF-USA adjustable gas system consists of three major components, the gas plug, gas piston and operating rod. Residual gasses behind the bullet are routed into the gas block which drives both the piston and the op rod rearward in turn cycling the firearm. Suppressors add back pressure to a firearms operating system and thus increase bolt speed. This causes premature wear on the firearm and can even result in the bolt catching the discharged casing also known as “stove piping”. The POF-USA gas system allows the user to restrict, and even shut off, this extra back pressure by simply rotating the gas plug.
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The patented Modular Railed Receiver (M.R.R) is POF-USA’s crown jewel for precision and extreme rigidity. This is a two piece upper assembly with a free-floating monolithic handguard that slides on and interfaces directly to the upper assembly thanks to our upper’s reinforced backbone. This backbone is five-times thicker than standard flattop platforms. The suspended handguard keeps your grip and accessories from weighing on the barrel, providing for the most secure free-floated barrel on the market, and has more than 6 points of attachment securing the rail from experiencing any movement under stress. Our newly redesigned Edge rail features full M-Lok compatibility, a front top and bottom section of rail for sights and a bipod/other accessories, and features 4 QD sling mount slots.
The patented oversized heat sink barrel nut is one of the most significant innovations. At three inches long it completely encompasses the chamber and throat area of the barrel where expanding gas temperatures peak. Take into account the radiation properties of aluminum compared to traditional steel and you have 17 times more heat dissipation than a standard AR. Our barrel nut’s 3” length also gives the operating rod substantial guiding surface assuring constant positive contact with the bolt carrier. Our enhanced backbone receiver also move the upper’s natural stress point forward. This adds a massive amount of rigidity to the overall platform and is critical when vertical fore grips are being pulled on the upper assembly.
How can you say it’s a premium rifle without complete ambidextrous features? That’s where the Tomahawk Charging Handle comes in. Big enough for positive traction and small enough to stay out of the way, the Tomahawk rounds out the ambidextrous controls for the Revolution.
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Our patented roller cam pin is just one more example of how we strive to reduce friction and drag in the action. Standard AR cam pins feature a square steel head that literally grinds and carves away at the inside of the receiver. POF-USA’s NP3 coated roller head actually rolls inside the channel of the upper thus eliminating friction and prolonging the life of the upper
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Our mil-spec aluminum anti-tilt buffer tube features “carrier cradle” extensions to ensure that the carrier is always supported by the buffer tube even when the bolt carrier is fully forward. This prevents carrier tilt and premature wear of the buffer tube. The buffer detent now doubles as a lock that inhibits the buffer tube from rotating and becoming loose under adverse conditions. The anti-tilt buffer tube also features three drain holes.
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The POF-USA quick disconnect sling swivel receiver extension plate features a single anti-rotational QD sling swivel attachment that keeps the operator focused on the target and not on untangling themselves from their sling. Made from 6061-T6 aluminum with a laser etched POF-USA logo, the quick disconnect sling swivel receiver extension plate is compatible with both mil-spec and commercial carbine receiver extensions.
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