Gas Plug Setting (3 Position Gas Block)

“NORMAL” mode


By rotating the Gas Plug 180˚ clockwise from the “Normal Mode” position, you introduce a smaller hole for gas to travel through the Gas Block. Setting the Gas Plug to “Suppressed Mode” DOES NOT make the firearm any quieter, this mode simply compensates for the change in gas pressure to allow the firearm to cycle properly.


Putting a suppressor on your firearm changes the cycling characteristics of the host. In doing so causes unwanted malfunctions and increased wear on the system. Please be aware of all risk by attaching a suppressor.

“OFF” mode

By rotating the Gas Plug 90˚ counterclockwise from the “Normal Mode” position, gas travel through the Gas Block is blocked entirely. This prevents cycling, ejection, and feeding, turning your semi-auto rifle into a manual bolt-action rifle.

The standard upright position regulates gas pressure perfectly for unsuppressed fire.

Inverting the gas plug regulates gas pressure for proper operation with a suppressor.

Rotate the gas plug 90º (as shown) to prevent cycling all together. Your semi-auto is now a bolt-action!

3 position piston firearm Gas Plug orientation guide
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