Renegade Plus Upper

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Product Description

**** Short Barrel Uppers are not available for shipment to CA****


  • Medium contour
  • 5R button-pulled polygonal rifling (superior accuracy and velocity)
  • 4150 Mil-B-11595, (machine gun rated steel)
  • 70 Rockwell case hardened (nitride heat treated)
  • 1/2×28 threads
  • E2 chamber dual extraction technology
  • Dictator 9 position adjustable DI gas block, low profile
  • Straight gas tube for reduced heat build up
  • Renegade handguard, free floating
  • M-LOK compatible
  • (4) integrated QD (quick disconnect) sling mounts
  • Integrated top and bottom 5 slot picatinny rail section for secure front sight and bi-pod mounting
Bolt Carrier
  • POF-USA Ultimate Bolt Carrier Group. This carrier is cut from a solid piece of alloy steel which eliminates the need to stake a gas key in place. This is important because it removes the chances of a gas key screw coming loose under extreme operation and causing a catastrophic malfunction.
  • POF-USA patented Roller Cam Pin upgrade, reduces friction and pre-mature wear within the upper receiver
  • 4lbs 6oz
Added Value
  • Oversized aluminum heat sink barrel nut designed to radiate heat away from the chamber/throat area
  • POF-USA ambidextrous Tomahawk charging handle
  • Triple port muzzle brake


Rated 5 out of 5


By far one of the best upper assemblies on the market. The quality control from fit and functionality of this upper blows all the others out of the water. POF did not cheap out anywhere this upper is built around quality parts compared to all the other popular brands like Colt, Reminington, Larue tactical just to name a few. You are going to pay a lot more for a lot less the other guys cut corners everywhere from the barrel bolt hand gaurd gas system the list goes on POF has the other guys bet in every area. I have personally shot all the other brands the quality control is just not the same all they do is just buy base stock materials dress it up a little and throw there brand names on it. POF could have been like the other guys but their attention to detail even the smallest ones are noticed and makes a big difference example being lots of people have a common belief that you have to buy an expensive lower an expensive upper to have a rifle that shoots MOA so I placed this upper on the cheapest lower I had which was a DT sport lower this upper locked up perfectly with no wiggle then I threw on some Troy industry sights I bore sighted the rifle and to my surprise it was spot on no adjustments needed. At 50 yards I was hitting the bulls eye no sweat 100 yards on steel still easy with optics at 400 yards with little adjustments it took me 3 shots to hit the steel target. Lots of people even my friends always ask what kind of rifle is that I proudly tell them it is a POF many of them ask if they can take a look at it and put a couple of rounds threw it all walk away wishing they had purchased this rifle in stead of their current ones. Needs less to say this upper wasnt my last Ive bought many others with all the same results as listed above every POF rifle I own is flawless no with no issues and all bore sight perfectly with no adjustments so I do not consider this a coincidence and is a testament to the excellent work, quality control and craftsmanship that is POF.

Rated 5 out of 5

Joseph Eneyer

My friend owns this upper and it’s first class. Works flawlessly with all sorts of ammo. It’s sub MOA with hand loads. I want it. Wish It cane in 18 and 20 lengths

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